When I began creating content on Youtube in 2018, I was well aware that I would be met with harsh criticism, after all, I am discussing prison, addiction and mental health. These topics are becoming less taboo, however, the haters online did not receive that memo.

As a content creator, I care deeply about what I do and how my subscribers feel about the content I put out. I want to hear from them, engage with them and understand how to better help within my niche as well. This can be very heavy and time consuming.

My channel currently sits…

Jessica Kent Mug Shot 2011

For years I struggled with substance abuse disorder. Despite having access to any and all information regarding any topic one might be interested in, substance abuse disorder is still misunderstood by so many.

My substance abuse disorder was caused by environmental factors, a genetic predisposition and severe depression. Growing up in section eight housing was just the first obstacle life would throw my way. Poverty is never easy. Some days I didn't have enough to eat, others we were being evicted.

At the age of 12, I was offered my first sip of alcohol. That was the day my addiction…

The story of one mothers fight to motherhood

When I found out I was going to be a mother, I had just been arrested for three felonies. I knew that I would at some point be re-arrested and go to prison, however, I had no idea that event would also include a pregnancy.

When I picture what an ideal pregnancy would be, I picture family coming together to welcome a new life into the world. My reality was dark, void of compassion and traumatic.

At this time in my life I was OK with going to prison. I was a…

The reality of surviving as a felon

I walked out of prison for the last time in 2013. I had just served over 2 years for possession and delivery of methamphetamine, a drug I was very addicted to. I was also charged with possession of a firearm.

Unlike my previous arrests, this took place in the state of Arkansas. I am a New York native and my experience in Arkansas was eye opening to say the least. These two states seemed worlds apart in every way.

In New York if you are arrested, the laws are clear. They have specific…

A day in the life of an inmate

As a prison Youtuber, I get asked almost every single day “What is it like in prison? What do you do? Do you work? Can you sleep all day?” Reading all of these questions shocked me. I assumed that just because I knew what prison life like that everyone else must know. That could not have been further from the truth.

I went to prison for the first time at 17. I was a lost kid in small town. My hometown has very little to offer most people. Like many small towns…

There is nothing like welcoming a baby into the world. Everything about a newborn is perfection. From their beautiful eyes to their little toes, newborns signify the miracle of life.

We have been blessed with two beautiful little girls. They do however, have different biological fathers and for 3 years we have been trying to conceive our third child. However, it is just not happening for our family.

Secondary infertility is the inability to become pregnant after you have had a baby. This affects roughly 3 million women in the Untied States alone.

There are many reasons why a family…

I am willing to bet if you clicked on this article, you have wondered for some time just how well Youtube pays. We have all seen certain creators living in mansions and flaunting their wealth. Well, that cant all come from Youtube Ad revenue…right?

Right. Youtube ad revenue only makes up a certain percentage of a popular Youtubers revenue stream. Most Youtubers team up with brands and make money with sideline deals. Unless you are a prison Youtuber, like me ;)

Nevertheless, I have a couple videos that are currently sitting at over 1 million views. …

Lived Through This

This baby not only changed my life — she saved it

A black and white closeup photo of a mom holding her newborn baby.
A black and white closeup photo of a mom holding her newborn baby.
Photo: ideabug/Getty Images

When people think of giving birth to their first child, they probably think of prenatal appointments with their doctor, watching the baby grow inside them. Maybe they think of gender reveal parties and family coming together to welcome a new life into the world. A happy couple smiling during an ultrasound. Beautiful pictures of a glowing pregnant person ready to embrace a new role as a parent.

My experience having my first baby, however, was much darker.

I went into labor on June 12, 2011, at 4:00 in the morning. I was surrounded by 50 other inmates waiting the call…

Jessica Kent

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